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Freeze and Cancelation Policy

At Precision, we don’t want to lock people in to long-term contracts since we strongly believe that, if we’re doing the right thing, then you will want to stay with us.  However, we also have to balance that against keeping the lights on, covering the rent, and paying the instructors. We’ve tried to set up the freeze and cancelation policy to be fair, but to also guard against people freezing their memberships when they’re out of town for a couple of weeks.  While we realize that you won’t be training for that time, we also believe that fair pricing is a two-way street. We prefer to avoid long-term contracts and higher pricing, but this relies on you, our members, to do your part and to not abuse the system. This mutual respect lets us stay flexible and fair while still being able to cover our costs.

  1. Members can freeze their membership under certain circumstances.  When a membership is frozen, we will stop charging you, and remaining days left in your membership period are saved.  When you unfreeze your membership, we start the clock from this point in your membership period. Once the saved days are over, then we will charge you for the next month’s membership.

    For example: Suppose you pay your membership on the 2nd of the month, and freeze it on the 20th.  This means that you have the remaining days in that month (10, if the month has 31 days), and the days in the following month before your payment date (1 in this case).  So, you have 11 days frozen. If you then restart your membership in another month on the 7th, we’ll start again with these frozen days. We’ll then charge you for the coming month on the 18th of the month.

  2. To freeze a membership, you just have to let us know and we can freeze it on that day.  However, this means that you can’t train at the gym until you unfreeze it again.

  3. You can freeze your membership if:
    1. You get injured, or have to take time off for a medical reason;
    2. Something unexpected comes up in your life that makes it impossible for you to train, such as losing your job or a family illness that you have to deal with; or
    3. You are a student, and will be gone from Corvallis over the summer.

  4. You can cancel your membership at any time.  If you let us know that you want to cancel five business days before your next membership is due, we can cancel your membership without charge.  If you cancel your membership no later than three business days after we’ve charged you for it, we will refund the membership less $15 to cover our processing fees.  We cannot refund memberships canceled more than three business days after the charge date.

  5. If you cancel your membership and then reinstate it again within a three month period, we will charge you a $10 processing fee.  If you need to stop training for a while but think that you’ll be back, then talk to us about freezing your membership.

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