Sparring policy

The Precision Martial Arts School Sparring Policy


  • Contact sparring is by invitation only, and must be approved by a Head Instructor. It is coach-directed and supervised, and kept on a specific schedule so that athletes don’t take frequent head impacts. Ask Head Instructors Justin or Tyrone to be set up for sparring.


      • Hard sparring can be dangerous if not properly managed. Our Instructors will insure that students spar with people of the correct size, ability, and training level.
      • Head impacts add up over time and lead to long term, significant, detrimental effects on the brain’s functions.
        1. A head impact refers to any punch that connects during sparring, or a fall with the head hitting the ground.
        2. Head gear is not adequate protection from a hard strike or fall. Don’t assume that you can’t get a concussion while wearing head gear.


  • Open mat is not open sparring time and the school policy still applies.  There will be no contact sparring during open mat without prior approval and a Head Instructor present.
  • Any student receiving a head impact during training will be evaluated by the Head Instructor present. If the Instructor sees signs of concussion, or believes the injury to be serious, the student will not be allowed to spar for two weeks.



We ask you, the students, to respect this sparring policy and inform anyone new to the school - or who may be returning after a long absence - of this policy. If you are unsure about any training practice, please bring those questions or concerns to the Head Instructors. Violations of this sparring policy will lead to gym membership suspension.

Why We Limit Hard Sparring

Research related to brain injury resulting from repeated impacts during sports is conclusive, startling, and holds important implications for all martial artists -  especially for athletes training in the sports of MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing. Even head impacts which were thought to be inconsequential have been shown to add up over the long term to have a significant effect. The brain is only effective at healing from head impacts if it is not subjected to additional impacts in the meantime (more).


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